Ratisbona Relocation - Settling In

Settling In

  • We will assist you in filing the mandatory paperwork at the residents registration office.
  • We will provide you with required documents such as, residence permit and probationary work permit.
  • We will take care of professional translation of necessary documents such as. birth certificate or marriage certificates.
  • We will support you in applying to change tax classes or applying for family benefits.
  • We will help you apply for a German drivers license.
  • We will provide information regarding insurance agents.
  • Additional services on inquiry.


School Search

  • Individual analysis of needs, with a personal interview of the parents and children.
  • We will provide information and advice about colleges and the courses of study, schools, preschools and daycare centers.
  • We will schedule appointments and accompany you to visit schools. 
  • We will assist you in picking the school that best suits your child and we will provide help with the registration.
  • We will assist you in finding an appropriate babysitter or a daycare center.
  • Additional services on inquiry.

Our service “School Search” is a service not related to our service “Getting You Settled” and is therefore subject to a different pricing.